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weheartpuppies's Journal

A Community for Dog Lovers
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weheartpuppies is a community for ALL dog lovers. You can share stories about your dog, ask for advice on dogs, post pictures of you puppies, and just talk about any and everything involving you dogs!

[1] Be polite to all members, no rudeness will be toleraded. This is a drama free community, if I find out about any drama the person or person involved will be warned & if it happens again it will result in being banned from the community.

[2] Long entries should be uner the lj-cut. Just to spare other peoples friends pages.

[3] Promoting is allowed, but it must be on topic, it can be any pet community. Please only one promotion, per community, per person, per week.

[4] Please put all big pictures under an lj-cut. You may post thumbnails outside of the cut.

[5] Remember to stay on topic. Do not talk about things that do not pertain to dogs.

[6] If you have any question, comment, problems, etc.., please contact Stefanie by AIM, TheGreatStefbino or e-mail, steffy_marie@livejournal.com. You may also comment on my promotion post on my LJ if you have questions. Whatever is easier for you.


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